Title Rail corrugation: a problem solved?
Author Grassie, SL
Conference 12th International Conference on Contact Mechanics and Wear of Rail/Wheel Systems, 4-7 September 2022, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Publication Date 2022
Location ARRB library
Abstract A project is discussed for which the trackwork specification required that the phenomenon of rail corrugation on metro systems be considered, with mitigation measures proposed for each corrugation mechanism. The trackwork contractor was obliged to consider these mitigation measures in design of the trackwork. Detailed monitoring of several test sections of track was undertaken bi-annually to quantify the severity of corrugation and its development. The detailed monitoring, supplemented by in-cab noise recordings that were made over the complete system, demonstrated that corrugation was minimal after two years of service.
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CM 2022_Grassie
Subjects Railway track
Maintenance planning