Title Wheel wear reduction from vehicle lightweighting: a case study for an innovative ultralight vehicle
Author Fu, B
Luo, S
Ma, W
Qin, L
Bruni, S
Conference 12th International Conference on Contact Mechanics and Wear of Rail/Wheel Systems, 4-7 September 2022, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Publication Date 2022
Location ARRB library
Abstract Vehicle light-weighting is a crucial design target for the new generation of rail vehicles, as it reduces energy consumption and improves the capacity and dynamic performance of rail vehicles, making the railway system more attractive to address the rising environmental challenges and meet increasing demand in transportation. This paper presents a quantitative analysis of the beneficial effects of vehicle light-weighting on wheel wear. An analysis of wear reduction achievable from reducing the mass of different vehicle components is performed, considering the effect of different running scenarios. Furthermore, the concept of an innovative ultralight vehicle is proposed, showing substantial benefits in wheel wear reduction compared to a conventional vehicle.
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CM 2022_Fu
Subjects Vehicle
Energy consumption
Energy conservation